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Coloplast® Assura® AC Easiflex® Two-Piece Cut-to-fit Nonconvex Flat Standard Wear Skin Barrier with Flange and Belt Tabs 3/8" to 2-3/4" Stoma Opening, 2-3/4" Flange, Round, Large Coupling, Adhesive

The two-piece adhesive coupling system is a great option for a Flexible lifestyle. This ostomy pouching system is based on adhesives that make it easy to apply the pouch to the skin barrier and easy to remove. This pouching system is hygienic and easy to clean, soft and comfortable, safe and simple to handle. EasiFlex is a great solution for postoperative
situations.Assura® AC Nonconvex Standard Wear Barrier is a cut-to-fit skin barrier/baseplate in the AC system and must be used with an Assura® AC color-coded matching pouch.Easy to clean, simple to handleStandard wear adhesion.Based on adhesives that are flexible and easy on the skin.Baseplate adheres to skin, and the pouch adheres to baseplate, making the system simple.System features a soft, flexible, adhesive, two-piece coupling system that conforms to body.

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