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Category: Electrotherapy

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a proven efficient way of treating muscle injuries by the transmission of electronic pulses that causes passive exercise * The stimulation contraction and relaxation cycle of EMS loosens muscle fibers increases blood flow and stimulates muscle growth * Digital wave technology provides a highly efficient delivery of the wave signal * Dual isolated channels * Pulse Amplitude: 0-90mA peak to peak into 500 ohm load * Pulse frequency adjustable from 1-150 Hz * Pulse width is adjustable from 30 uS ~ 260 uS 10 uS/step * Contraction time is adjustable from 1-30 seconds * Comes complete with carrying case 2 lead wires 9-volt battery 1 package of 4 pre-gelled electrodes and operating manual * E0770 * 1/bx

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  • Manufacturer SKU: AGF6X

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